The Sixth Day


    documentary of the opening performance, single-channel video, 28 minutes


    History is created and constructed by humans. Art, as the impetus of human development, is not a byproduct of social development but a basic element of the society as it embodies two major needs of human beings: actual needs and imagination. I set up a space where I combined PVC pipes, wide-angle lenses, plastic fabric and searching lights together. Through open casting call for amateur actors, I invited six ordinary people of different ages and professions to come to the exhibition space. I want to present the samples that embody the lives of contemporaries and transfer their conversations to the space, creating a new space for communication and interaction. Though we only had five days for rehearsals, we gathered together to exchange the fragmentation of contemporary life and extract surprising findings from the contingency, challenging common sense and imagining new possibilities. Although the sixth day may not exist and will be the day that will never come, we constructed an organism with perfect balance, in which we created new collective memory and imagination, with our collaborative teamwork.







    历史出自人的创造与建构,艺术创造处于人类历史的原动力地位,并不是社会发展的副产品,而是形成一个社会最基本的要素,融合了人类的两大需求:实际的需要与梦幻的想象。我设置了一个空间场景,将PVC管、广角镜、塑料布、探照灯等日常物集结在一起,通过公开招募不同职业年龄的普通民众,邀请他们参与进这个空间。我希望呈现当代个体生存现象的几个样本,把对话交流引入到表演现场,以创造新的交会空间。仅五天的共同排演时间,我们聚集在一起,在阐述当代生活碎片式的体验时,从日常生活中、从偶然性中提炼出令我们惊奇的发现,从而唤醒 “常识”,去想象另一种可能。在大家的协同作用中,我们构建了一个完美均衡的有机体。我们在其中共同创造新的集体记忆和想象的历史。尽管“第六天”也许是不存在的一天,永远不会到来的一天。




    现场表演照/Performance photo: