The Sixth Day


    performance, single-channel video, 28 minutes


    I set up a space where I combined PVC pipes, wide-angle lenses, plastic fabric and searching lights together. Through open casting call for amateur actors, I invited six ordinary people of different ages and professions to come to the exhibition space. and I want to present the samples that embody the lives of contemporaries and transfer their conversations to the space, creating a new space for communication and interaction. Though we only had five days for rehearsals, we gathered together to exchange the fragmentation of contemporary life and extract surprising findings from the contingency, challenging common sense and imagining new possibilities. Although the sixth day may not exist and will be the day that never come, hence we build a harmonious and balanced organism, to highlight the "collective unconscious" social phenomenon currently, meanwhile we look forward to creating a new collective memory and imaginary history as work together.









  • 宣传片/Trailer


    现场表演照/Performance photo