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    2015 , 六频录像 , 4’33’’

















    The Time Will Swallows Its Own Tail 


    2015 , Six -Channel Video ,4’33’’


    Since the 1990s, with the acceleration of China's economy, "demolition", as an unavoidable phenomenon in the process of urban change, has become a topic that intensifies social contradictions. In the face of the "demolition" problem, I have always been wary of the superficial simple appropriation of reality, so that I can face complex and profound social problems, and understand that behind it is the coexistence of contradictory ideas and complex emotions.

    As a phased summary of my understanding of "demolition", "The Mouth of Time swallows its own Tail" is carried out in a complex and in-depth ideology, treating the demolition site as a social theater, and choosing to use multi-frequency video to express my thinking on the current situation of demolition in China in recent years: It is not only against violence, against non-negotiation, on the one hand, against the collusion of the state and capitalism, the complicity of local government and developers, on the other hand, it is to understand the inevitability of urbanization construction.

    The six-frequency video represents six characters, namely the district chief, the old city, the nail house, the real estate dealer, the we-media and the Feng shui master, which together constitute an urban theater in the process of modernization.


    All six characters are surreal or magical expressions.

    Nail householder: A nail householder surrounded by ruins is attacked by several toy forklift.

    District director: A 7-year-old “district director” is entertaining himself by playing games, building-block, ribbon-cutting, etc.

    Real estate developers: Among the advertising slogans sticking on a sandbox built on a benzene

    board, an innocent yellow duck is walking around.

    Dilapidated city : Gypsum reproduction of some old stuff alludes to the former territories of the city, exploding one by one late at night.

    Augur: A augur was talking about the feng shui while holding a compass amid the ruins.

    We-Media: Media users all over the world are discussing the demolition of the former territories via Wechat.

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