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  • 迷蒙半壁




    在福建漳州南靖土楼(山区大型夯土民居建筑)建筑群内,保留着一座1864年被太平军火焚的“时德楼” 土楼残壁,焚烧后的残垣断壁依稀可见过去的内部构造。我从当地村庄收集来废旧木家具、农具等,发动当地木匠师傅,运用他们原始且高超的技法,将这些木家具嵌在墙面上,力图还原之前土楼居民的生活原状,营造出曾经的生活意象。力图制造这样一个现场,将带有过往生活气息和痕迹的剧场在观众面前铺开。



    Mist in Half Walls


    2013, Installation


    In the building group of the Nanjing Tulou Building (large-scale terracotta residential building in the mountainous area) in Fujian Province, there is a wall of the “Shide Building” earthen building that was burned by the Taiping Army in 1864. The ruined wall after burning is faintly visible in the past. I collected waste wood furniture, farm tools, etc. from local villages, launched local carpenters, and used their original and superb techniques to embed these wooden furniture on the wall, trying to restore the original life of the former Tulou residents and create a life of the past. Imagery. Trying to create such a scene, the theater with the breath of life and traces of life will be spread out in front of the audience.





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    Documentary for Mist in Half Walls


    single-screen video




    In early 2013, when I created the installation work "Half a Wall of Confusion" in Nanjing tulou, Fujian Province, I was shocked by the original construction method of local craftsmen in the construction process. The dialogue, movements and the tacit understanding of the transmission of projectiles at high altitude when the three carpenters cooperated in the construction were just like a drama performance in the air. So I recorded this dramatic creative process.