Capsule Mall 




    Capsule Mall剧团由王子月于2016年底在上海成立,剧团专注于跨媒介游戏剧场的开发和实践推广,同时也邀请声音艺术家、戏剧表演者、舞者、作家、插画师一起合作艺术创新项目。 “多元、实验、开放、有趣、妙想”共同构成Capsule Mall的结构基础。Capsule Mall尝试探索艺术与生活、媒体与戏剧的结合点。除了剧院和美术馆,表演的场地也发生在城市生活的中心--商店、地铁站、停车场、旅店、超市、广场或社区的街道上,这些场地都是Capsule Mall要营造的乌托邦式沟通空间。在全球化和雾化的世界,Capsule Mall力在营造一个可以提供给我们感知彼此,认识自我的洁净之地。



    Capsule Mall was founded in Shanghai by Wang Ziyue at the end of 2016. The troupe focuses on the development and practice of Multi-media Gaming Theater. It also invites sound artists, theater performers, dancers, writers, and illustrators to collaborate on artistic innovation projects. "Diversity, experiment, openness, interesting and fantasy" constitute the structure of Capsule Mall. We try to explore the combination of art and life, media and drama. In addition to theaters and art galleries, we also perform in the central places of urban life - shops, subway stations, car parks, hotels, supermarkets, or squares, or community streets. These venues are the utopian communication space we are going to create. In the world of globalization and materialization, the Capsule Mall focuses on creating a pure place where we can feel each other and get to know ourselves.